Internationally acclaimed baroque dancers Thomas Baird and Paige Whitley-Bauguess began working together as a duo eleven years ago. Their artistic collaborations have excited and educated audiences in the US, Canada, and Japan, receiving critical acclaim, as well as repeat invitations to work with some of the finest Baroque music groups in the world. Last year, they reconstructed, directed and danced in the professional premiere of Philador's Le Mariage de la Gross Cathos in Tokyo. Last winter, they choreographed Purcell's Dido and Aeneas and choreographed and performed in The Fairy Queen for the Dunbar Early Music Festival at Northwestern University. Most recently, they choreographed and performed in John Blow's Venus and Adonis at East Carolina University, and reconstructed and choreographed Danzas y Bailes from 17th century Spanish dance sources for exclusive performances with Chatham Baroque.

Thomas Baird & Paige Whitley-Bauguess Repertoire List

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Les Danses Nobles (10 minutes)

Entrée d'Apolon [entrée grave] (Jean-Baptiste Lully; Le Triomphe de l'Amour, 1681)
Passacaille pour une femme (Lully; Armide, 1686)


A Pastoral Suite (15 minutes)

(An homage to pastoral scenes populated by shepherds and shepherdesses, reminiscent of paintings by Watteau and Fragonard)

Entrée pour un homme et une femme  (Lully; Thésée, 1675)
Pastoral performed by a Gentleman [loure/hornpipe]  James Paisible
Entrée pour un Berger et une Bergere [musette]  (Marin Marais; Sémélé, 1709)
Menuet performed by Mrs. Santlow    Anonymous
L'Allemande  (André Campra; Ballet des Fragments, 1702)


Les Caractères de la Dance   Jean Féry-Rebel (10 minutes)

A choreographed fantasie depicting comic and serious themes of love, the music features a wide variety of dance types (courante, menuet, bourree, chaconne, sarabande, gigue, rigaudon, passepied, gavotte, loure, musette.


Une Fête Marine (A compilation by Paige Whitley-Bauguess and Thomas Baird; 20-25 minutes)

This is the story of 18th-century sailors on-board a seafaring vessel who encounter a terrible tempest and are whirled into the tragic, mythological story of Acis and Galatea, features dances and music from two French operas: Jean-Baptiste Lully's Acis et Galatée (1686) and Marin Marais' Alcyone (1706).


Marche pour les Matelots,
Deuxième Air des Matelots [rigaudon]
Troisième Air des Matelots [tambourin]
La Tempeste
Acis and Galatea
Premier Air
Chaconne de Galathée
Entrée de Polipheme [gavotte]
Entrée des Ciclopes [loure]
La Tempeste
Marche pour les Matelots


Turkish Entrée (Campra; L'Europe Galante, 1697) (8-10 minutes)

Exotic dances of a Sultan and his Sultanas.

Turkish Dance [marche, forlana, gigue]


Spanish Entrée (Campra; L'Europe Galante, 1697) (8-10 minutes)

Entrée Espagnolle pour une femme [loure]
Entreé dEspagnol [loure]
Entrée Espagnolle pour un homme et une femme [rondeau]


Ballet des Fleurs (Jean Phillippe - Rameau; Les Indes Galantes, 1735) (12-15 minutes)

La Rose, queen of flowers, in a Persian garden who is wilted by Borée, a cold wind and is then revived by warm, gentle Zéphire.

Air pour les Fleurs
Air pour la Rose
Gavotte en Rondeau
Air pour Borée
Air pour Borée et la Rose
Air pour Zéphire
Air pour Zéphire et la Rose


Les Folies d'Espagne, danced with castanets (12 minutes)

La Folia (Antonio Vivaldi)
Folies d'Espagne (Marais)


Dances from the Paris Opéra

Duets performed by renowned Paris Opéra stars of the early 18th century.

Entrée pour un Berger et une Bergere [musette] (Marin Marais; Sémélé, 1709)
Entrée pour un homme et une femme [menuet] (AC Destouches; Omphalle, 1701)
2eme Entrée des festes venitienne [rigaudon] (Campra, 1712)
Sarabande (Destouches; Issée, 1697)
L'Allemande (Campra; Ballet des Fragments, 1702)


The Fairy Queen (Henry Purcell, 1692) (10-15 minutes)

This story ballet follows the pursuits of Titania and Oberon from Shakespear'es A Midsummer Nights Dream

Fairies' Dance
Dance for the Followers of Night
Dance for the Green Men
Dance for the Haymakers
Monkey's Dance


Die Fechtschule (J. H. Schmelzer; The Fencing School) (10 minutes)

This ballet is based on the story of Julie Demaupasant, a fierce fencer, and her lover Serrane, a great fencing master.

Aria 1
Aria 2
Bader Aria


Danzas y Bailes

Spanish dance program developed exclusively for performance with Chatham Baroque.

Court Suite
French/Spanish Suite: Menuet M'able and El Amable (Amable Vainqueuer)

Jacara: Escaraman y La Mendez


La Pastorella (Concerto in D major, Vivaldi)




The Adventures of Harlequin and Columbine (Concerto in D major, Vivaldi)

Allegro (The Venetian Lady)
Largo (The Letter)
Allegro (The Portrait)


 Balletto di zingari e di matti (Schmelzer)

A gypsy under the spell of a magician. Based on dance descriptions by Gregorio Lambranzi (1712).