Lecture-Demonstrations, Performances and Master Classes



The Dancing Masters

This lecture - demonstration explores the lives and works of the dancing masters and choreographers whose names appear on extant notated dances. The lecture delivers biographical information on dancing masters such as Feuillet, Pécour, and Beauchamp, and then a solo dance for a man by each particular master is performed. This lecture - demonstration is done in full 18th century costume. It has been performed at Assumption College, Sarah Lawrence College and Baylor University.

The Characters of the Dance

The focus of this lecture - demonstration, is on the particular male theatrical characters found in operas and opera-ballets, but targets those for which notated dances survive. The lecture introduces the plot, the character, and the scene, and is followed by the performance of a notated dance by that particular character. This lecture - demonstration is done in full costume with changes made onstage behind a screen. This lecture - demonstration has been done at Bruno Walter Auditorium at the New York Public Library.

The Art of Dance Explain'd: Dance Manuals From the 16th - 18th Centuries

This is an over view of dancing manuals, beginning with Thoinot Arbeau (1589) up to Genarro Magri (1779). The lecture summarizes each manual, detailing the technique and style of each manual, as well as what is known about the author. Then basic steps are taught to the audience to recorded music from each era. The participants not only learn how dance was handed down, but also get a taste of each style and how it changed over a hundred year period. This lecture - demonstration has been done at Princeton University.



Solo or duet performances of most any type are available. See Tom and Paige's Repertoire List or Tom's Solo Repertoire List.


Master Classes

Master Classes cover basic Baroque dance technique, and generally cover five basic dance-types: bourrée, sarabande, menuet, gavotte, and gigue.

Special classes in operatic gesture and Feuillet notation reading are also available. Master classes can be taught with recorded music, live accompaniment or an accompanist can be provided depending upon budget.

Contact Thomas Baird for fee information.